how to protect your secret spots and still post great fishing photos


Now, you can finally get famous on the Internet with great fishing photos and still protect your secret honey holes, with this great new photo editor designed especially for paranoid anglers.

This incredible new tool eliminates anglers faces, GPS numbers, buoy identification, actual dates, any and all possible clues as to the accuracy of, details of and or whereabouts of where and how you caught ANY species of fish! Even this sea robin! Works in the rain, works in the sun, works in saltwater, works in fresh water, works on bathroom mirror selfies! Renders any fishing photo totally useless for any purpose but bragging. Works with any anti-social network including Face-Schnook, Bitter and Crapchat.

All manipulated photographic images immediately become the copyrighted property of the paranoid fisherman and/or photographer and may not be reproduced in any form without the express written consent of, Major League Basball, Phil Rizzuto and or the NY Yankees. Void where you can’t do it, all rights revoked, offer may be withdrawn at the most inconvenient time with absolutely no friggin’ warning, cash value zippo, not to be used as a flotation device, warning, there might be peanuts lurking about, must be 18 or over, no substitutions, no returns, no salesman will call, order before midnight tonight and wake up feeling like an idiot, no lifetime guarantee, so if it stops working don’t kill yourself over it, made in America by illegal aliens, gluten free, zero trans fats, store in a cool dry place or if you can’t find a cool dry place we’ll tell you where you can stick it, for more information, get your free membership today at and become really cool, getcherself some cheap sunglasses even.

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