Quick fluke dinner, all gone

Actually, this isn’t EVEN a recipe. Hot today, so, with me on the stick for dinner I just grabbed the bag of fluke fillets I brought home from a nice half day on the Island Princess out of Captree. Hot and lazy, I just splashed a bit of olive oil in a frying pan and tossed the fillets in, over a high gas flame. Shook a little Mrs. Dash on top, flipped ’em after a couple three minutes, gave ’em a couple three four more… Done. How was it? While everyone else ate I worked at catching up with some emails and other stuff to close my day, then received compliments on the excellence of the fish, which was now, I found, all gone. I have a can of tuna on the counter waiting for me, figured I’d write this first. Bittersweet feeling. I AM smiling.

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