The magical healing powers of Half Day Partyboat Fishing | Bill Purkins

Huh? Fishing? As Therapy?

More than that, pal. Half Day Partyboat Fishing is MAGIC. It’s therapeutic, it’s healing, it’s retorative, it’s better for you than all those Miracle Cure foot powders, back massagers, squishy pillows made in America or even all the berry juice extracts you can buy on the Internet.

PLUS, you can catch dinner. Here’s why…

Many Partyboats offer three half day fishing trips a day, which in itself is amazing. That’s cuz a half day is the term for a four hour trip.

“Nice Half Day, here, folks.”

Morning,  Afternoon and evening, Example, the Island Princess sails from Captree State Park 7-11AM, Noon to 4PM and 6-10PM.

Each trip has its advantages.  Examples.

Morning trip. Great way to start the day set your Happy Meter for the whole day, fish, wake up slow on the gorgeous bay or ocean, rejuvenate, hit the dock just after 11, you’re a ball of positive bliss for the rest of the day.

Afternoon trip. Had a rough morning? FIX your day! Turn it on its heels. Send the blues away, chase some fluke or seabass, or even bluefish depending what they’re sailing for. Back just after 4. your evening will ROCK.

Evening, sunset trips. Bad day at work? Or even a good day? You know what they say. Hey Jude, “Make it even better!” Bring a sweatshirt or a jacket, it’s always cooler on the water, grab your dinner take out at Captree Cove restaurant right there at the dock, maybe a couple nice beverages, enjoy the sunset and fish through sundown, enjoy, cool off and even become part of the gorgeous scenery of the sunset, back just after 10PM or so, sleep like a baby dreaming of the beauty of the bay and ocean…

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