Tremendous mixed bag Fluke rules Island Princess Fall Fun on Great South Bay

island princess captree sailing schedule for 2019 season waterboy and galley slave Bill Purkins on a supervised work release vacation day, holding a nice keeper fluke on the Island Princess out of Captree. Our apologies to Captain Jimmy Higgins, please make a list of any damages and we will be glad to pay for anything you itemize, as long as we can keep it out of the papers. We found a GPS device in his guitar case, and we erased the numbers… we assumed they were for Captain Brian’s secret blowhole. Sorry about that. never spot burns, you know that. Oh, and Jimmy? We found those old videos of you licking the stargazers. They’re on YouTube. Want to make a deal?

What a nice morning on the #IslandPrincessCaptree yesterday Wednesday 11th of September 2019. This is my nicest fish of the day. I had a bunch of other throwbacks, also a big blowfish on a Gulp believe it or not, along with some big sea robins. There were some really nice Seabass, and some Triggerfish, one of which was just really big probably the biggest (how big WAS it,  Bill? GEEZ! I thought we told you we’re not worried about the word count here just make it sound real)  one I’ve ever seen coming out of the Bay don’t remember if I saw a kingfish or not but it was just a tremendous mixed bag. If you can get in on this action you ought to do it it is wonderful.

Editorial note to Bill: (:!’,,.) ee cummings left these for you…

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