Capt. Bryan’s Hot Spot Not Burnt Yet

Guy yesterday was saying to me yesterday, fluke fishing is tough this year ain’t it?
I said “Yeah, it’s wearing me out.”
Saturday, September 14, 2019…

mixed bag action with fluke still the highlight on the Island Princess half day trips out of Captree State Park, with good numbers also of small sea bass, perfect eating sized blowfish, lots of sea robins, a few kingfish, as well as some Triggerfish here and there

Gulp baits are working best, but so is traditional squid and spearing bait combinations, a strip of white fluke belly might produce a big whole one for you.

Both Captain Bryan and Captain Jimmy are going wherever the fish are but lately, one sure stop on each trip has been the pocket of the sore thumb off Oak Beach, gulp baits definitely your best and they have them on board for sale, other baits are free as are boat Rod and reel…

The Island Princess sales at 7 a.m. noon and 6 p.m. the Night Trips were for Bluefish and the day trips are primarily fluke sometimes the Blowfish show up in good numbers it depends on the day. Because of the weather and time of year you might want to call ahead 631-587-6024 you can make a reservation you can buy your tickets online at islandprincessCaptree.Com


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