Hunting the Easter Flounder – Spring 2020 – Early report(s)

Happy Spring.

Flounder fishing has been a bit flat so far. Most baits appear to be working equally, well.

On the party boat scene, the party hasn’t really started yet. Actually, the boats are closed, talk to the governor about that.

Note the BIG FONT, you gotta fill the space, you realize.

We talked to one bait and tackle shop, which didn’t want to be named, as they were open, which technically,… well.

He said he had worms, but had an appointment with the veterinarian and would be going fishing anyway.

On a serious note, there are some people hunting for flounder but no one catching yet or talking about it. Schoolie bass are making a few appearances, and there are some blackfish being caught, no specifics. 

Check in tomorrow for more from

hugs and fishes,
Bill Purkins

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