Happy Spring.

Flounder fishing has been a bit flat so far. Most baits appear to be working equally, well.

On the party boat scene, the party hasn’t really started yet. Actually, the boats are closed, talk to the governor about that.

Note the BIG FONT, you gotta fill the space, you realize.

We talked to one bait and tackle shop, which didn’t want to be named, as they were open, which technically,… well.

He said he had worms, but had an appointment with the veterinarian and would be going fishing anyway.

On a serious note, there are some people hunting for flounder but no one catching yet or talking about it. Schoolie bass are making a few appearances, and there are some blackfish being caught, no specifics. 

Check in tomorrow for more from dailysaltwater.com.

hugs and fishes,
Bill Purkins

Please help our dear friends at Fish it Reel Good in their efforts to fish the Pescador Tournament… 

From Leaza M Greenroad-ford


(832) 265-3117

Dearest Sponsor,

My name is Leaza and I am representing Fish It Real Good women’s billfish team. We are looking for sponsors to help us enter and fish in the Pescadora Billfish Championship in Costa Rica in February 2020.

To have the opportunity to fish The Pescadora Billfish Championship would be a great honor and it possesses the potential to open doors to promote our love of fishing and display my team’s passion and our message that all should “Love, Reel and Sea with their whole heart” to the world! Two of the team members began as my fish sisters “Hermana de Pesca” when I was invited to fish La Diosa Del Mar, an international women’s billfish tournament in Puerto Morelos, MX., in 2018. They are both incredibly beautiful women inside and out and have taken me under their protective wings throughout my house purchase in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. They are not only my fish sisters and my neighbors but also dear friends. The other team member is a cherished friend of 9 years who is my Texas neighbor; her love for the water and passion for fishing reflects my own. This team will represent Texas and Mexico, our passion for the sea and our undying belief that love and pride are borderless and color blind.

I am actively seeking sponsors to make it possible for my team to fish the two day Billfish Championship in Quepos, Costa Rica at the highly acclaimed Marina Pez Vela where we will compete with the world’s top lady anglers. Two top lady angler awards are being presented: one for the female who reels in the most fish (hook and hand) and the other is for the female that hooks and reels in her own fish (IGFA rules apply). This is in addition to first, second and third place for the most billfish caught and successfully released per team. Last year there were 512 billfish caught in two days by just 22 boats, which is why this tournament is a must fish for me and my team!

We would be so very grateful with any help you can offer us and will proudly sport your company’s logo on our gear and publicize your company’s graciousness on all of our social media and public platforms as this is an international tournament, your company’s support will be witnessed by many!

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to all of us to have your support. This is truly a life changing opportunity!

A portion of proceeds from winnings will go to C.A.S.T for Kids Foundation – The C.A.S.T. for Kids Foundation enriches the lives of children with special needs, supports their families, and strengthens communities through the sport of fishing, with events across America. The donation of the proceeds should we win will be made in your company’s name, if you so choose.

The links that follow contain information on The Pescadora Championship along with our GoFundMe link should you decide to help us achieve global status among the top lady anglers.

Again we thank you from the bottom of our tackle boxes!!!

Team Fish It Reel Good





These look like snack cakes let own lures and jigs. Take the rod and reel, forget the cannolis show up at the door with these for dessert?

Confidential correspondence please do not publish, Larry these things are going to be hot I think you never know but I want to have some… keep it under your fishing hat
Samantha, I still want to roll by and pick up a mixed case of these but I got to wait for my Social Security to hit the bank. Catch me the fourth Wednesday of every month let’s do it early in the morning make sure the check clears. These things are gorgeous and I can’t believe how good your prices are… See you on the #IslandPrincessCaptree soon I hope… Bill… Dailysaltwater.com

From Capt Kenny Higgins…

Tomorrow Friday September 20 we are sailing 7 am and 1 pm fishing 10- 15 mile ocean wrecks, Fishing has been excellent a mix of Sea Bass , Porgies, Blues with some days seeing Bonita and albacore mixed in !!! SAILING DAILY 7 am and 1 pm the weather and seas look spectacular this weekend!!!

WE WILL PROBABLY DOING A FULL DAY ADVENTURE NEXT WEDNESDAY LEAVING @ 7 am and returning between 5 pm and 6 pm tickets for all trips @

captreepride.com !!!

Guy yesterday was saying to me yesterday, fluke fishing is tough this year ain’t it?
I said “Yeah, it’s wearing me out.”
Saturday, September 14, 2019…

Guy yesterday was saying to me yesterday, fluke fishing is tough this year ain’t it?
I said “Yeah, it’s wearing me out.”
Saturday, September 14, 2019…

mixed bag action with fluke still the highlight on the Island Princess half day trips out of Captree State Park, with good numbers also of small sea bass, perfect eating sized blowfish, lots of sea robins, a few kingfish, as well as some Triggerfish here and there

Gulp baits are working best, but so is traditional squid and spearing bait combinations, a strip of white fluke belly might produce a big whole one for you.

Both Captain Bryan and Captain Jimmy are going wherever the fish are but lately, one sure stop on each trip has been the pocket of the sore thumb off Oak Beach, gulp baits definitely your best and they have them on board for sale, other baits are free as are boat Rod and reel…

The Island Princess sales at 7 a.m. noon and 6 p.m. the Night Trips were for Bluefish and the day trips are primarily fluke sometimes the Blowfish show up in good numbers it depends on the day. Because of the weather and time of year you might want to call ahead 631-587-6024 you can make a reservation you can buy your tickets online at islandprincessCaptree.Com


both women and men who know how to catch a shot at the good life discover a good fishing buddyship makes for great loyal romance more often than not

some of the happiest couples i have ever seen in my life met on fishing party boats , or one of their first dates was to go fishing together. ask anyone…. “DO YOU LIKE FISHING?” and that’s the ice-breaker around the world folks, trust me on that one… and it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a date or just passing the time of day…


more to come…


island princess captree sailing schedule for 2019 season

Dailysaltwater.com waterboy and galley slave Bill Purkins on a supervised work release vacation day, holding a nice keeper fluke on the Island Princess out of Captree. Our apologies to Captain Jimmy Higgins, please make a list of any damages and we will be glad to pay for anything you itemize, as long as we can keep it out of the papers. We found a GPS device in his guitar case, and we erased the numbers… we assumed they were for Captain Brian’s secret blowhole. Sorry about that. Dailysaltwater.com never spot burns, you know that. Oh, and Jimmy? We found those old videos of you licking the stargazers. They’re on YouTube. Want to make a deal?

What a nice morning on the #IslandPrincessCaptree yesterday Wednesday 11th of September 2019. This is my nicest fish of the day. I had a bunch of other throwbacks, also a big blowfish on a Gulp believe it or not, along with some big sea robins. There were some really nice Seabass, and some Triggerfish, one of which was just really big probably the biggest (how big WAS it,  Bill? GEEZ! I thought we told you we’re not worried about the word count here just make it sound real)  one I’ve ever seen coming out of the Bay don’t remember if I saw a kingfish or not but it was just a tremendous mixed bag. If you can get in on this action you ought to do it it is wonderful.

Editorial note to Bill: (:!’,,.) ee cummings left these for you…

Any misinformation typosowned by daily salt water and not the things and people and places we write about. We are not associated with any of our subject matter. This is a free publication and it’s loaded with errors.l

Sophia Loren image copyright unknown taken from internet post , if you are the owner of copyright on this image please advise and we will correctly acknowledge and or remove in good faith , for more information on Sophia Loren , we recommend the wonderful Wikipedia article at
 photo caption: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophia_LorenNice half day on the Island Princess Sunday noon July 28th 2019.. look for extremely good tides on the 7 a.m. trips coming up tomorrow Monday July 29th and 30th Tuesday. Evening Bluefish trips continue to be excellent 6 to 10 pm. It’s drift and Dreamtime folks.

It’s still drift and Dreamtime folks, Labor Day 2019 is hereNice half day on the Island Princess 7-11 and noon to 4 pm. Evening Bluefish striped bass, weakfish trips wonderful sunset experiences 6 to 10 pm. 

Sophia Loren image copyright unknown taken from internet post , if you are the owner of copyright on this image please advise and we will correctly acknowledge and or remove in good faith , for more information on Sophia Loren , we recommend the wonderful Wikipedia article at
 photo caption: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sophia_LorenNice half day on the Island Princess Sunday noon July 28th 2019.. It’s Labor Day 2019 still it is drift and Dreamtime folks. And while today marks the Last Licks for many people who chase the summer flounder in Great South Bay Fire Island Inlet in the near Ocean fluke season continues to run until it stops running and I think that sometime in September but I’m going to have to go check DC right now but today it’s just a day to celebrate the close of summer as we know it as far as wearing white shoes goes. If you’re going to the beach you want to get going quickly this writing is being done at 9:18 a.m. on September 2nd 2019 and the Robert Moses Causeway traffic across the Captree bridge will start to get tough around 10:30 maybe even earlier cuz this is really the last day that a lot of people have in the long weekend so it gets a little worse traffic-wise every day be courteous to all your other drivers everybody’s trying to get to the beach or to their boat and please do not block traffic on the Captree exit people can miss their boat the people that have anniversaries and what have it don’t pull over on the right try to sneak up and get to the beach closer it’s tough three lanes go down to two and I believe they put up cones at least on this day of the year and I should probably be all the time but there are bunch of constraints and everybody’s got to worry about that and state parks to a tremendous job Captree state park is truly family fishing at its finest America’s greatest in New York state parks department is fantastic thanks to our wonderful governor in Albany. And his phenomenal staff. Up until 7 p.m. tonight I believe you have to pay $8 to park at Captree unless you have an Empire State pass and that’s a good thing to get because it gets you into the parks for free after you pay for it. And if you have kids and you spend a lot of time in the state park it’s well worth it.

Fantasy photo caption imagined by starry-eyed dailysaltwater’s own Bill Purkins, alas, the lady on the right was not actually on the boat, but rather just in the will you still need me will you still feed me 64 year old drift and dream thoughts that run across one’s mind when picking through steady action on a gorgeous day on Great South Bay. Hat by Island Princess, Mr. Purkins’ hair and makeup Come As You Are, the beauty of the half-day fishing trip out of Captree whichever boat you choose, all you need to bring is yourself, you pay your fare, you take your chances, you might remember to bring sunscreen and your lunch, but you can always stop at Tiki Joe’s right at the dock and they’ll have your lunch ready and waiting for you, or they’ll even bring it to the boat, just the way you like it, you can even call them ahead. Bring a friend, bring the whole family, Bring It On, it’s the easiest way to have fun on the greatest place to fish in the world, Long Island.

Overheard on a half-day party boat:

“Yes, they look bigger in the water.”


“Can you eat them?”

“We are not a barbaric Society. But YES… and if you don’t know how to cook them? Just ask any of the crew they will steer you in the right direction. Other questions often asked do I have to bring my own fishing pole? The answer is no. Rod and reel and old bait a courtesy of captain and crew. If you don’t know how to fish? They will give you instructions that great with kids it’s America’s Family fishing for. Captree State Park you can even Google it. Right at the very East End Of Ocean Parkway the same island that Jones Beach is on. Just keep heading for the sunrise bear to the left when you get to the end. What if you don’t know how to clean fish? The Bates will fillet your fish for you. And when they fillet it? No bones about it it is a boneless fillet. They’re good at it. Your happiness is their livelihood and happiness.
we have rules and regulations to protect our precious Marine Resources


  • Declan and brother Thomas, (in from from Dublin, Ireland) team up for some Inter-Continental drift and dream, catching Sea Bass, Robins, Fluke and RAYS (both Sun and Skate)

Summerend these last weeks of August are mixed bag drift and dream on the #IslandPrincessCaptree 7-11 am and Noon to 4 half day fluke trips. Gorgeous weather today Tuesday 20 August 2019 2-4 Declan is racking up the numbers with dofferent species with still an hour to go, we’ll update this report with a final tally when the young angler hits the dock… Thanks to Charisse for the report and the better photos…

Declan and Thomas with a couple of tag team black sea bass destined to go back to grow, Thomas’ fish gave mate Kevin a break taking itself off the hook, hit the Deck, lan(d)ed safely… 

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