I was just googling around this morning and I was talking to a friend about the late Capt. Charlie Nappi, who for a long long time held the IGFA world record all tackle fluke (summer flounder) honor at 22 pounds 7 ounces.  I was fortunate enough to get to know Charlie very well in the last few years of his life, and he was a huge supporter and contributor to the charity fishing trips that Harold Wunderlich and I arranged and promoted from 1991-1994, party boat fluke trips, one a season which we sold tickets to and promoted as the

and in 1993 as… you get the idea…

Each year we raised anywhere around a thousand dollars or so from listeners who paid their fares to fish with the people from the show, myself included, and we also had folks like Doc Muller from the Fisherman Magazine, Michael Lowndes from TV News 12, Rich Johnson, then of the Let’s Go Fishing organization, my producer Harold Wunderlich, who was also my fishing buddy until he died of leukemia in 1997. Harold and I went way back before that and he was a hell of a comedy writer, writing gags in his time for Joan Rivers, Rodney Dangerfield, and even sold one skit to Saturday Night Live in its 1st or 2nd year. But I digress (I hate that word, makes you sound pompous I always thought, but I looked it up again just now and it still beats )…

The trips ended after the one in 1994 I guess, when the show had run its course and the radio station and my producer had some kind of disagreement of something like money or some such silly thing, and a few months later that’s when I started writing weekly for the noreast saltwater print magazine, covering debs jones inlet and then fire island inlet, also doing a few features a year.

These were the early days of the Internet, and noreast.com became the world’s number one fishing website, and Noreast publisher George Scocca was truly a pioneer in his website, far ahead of its time. Now there’s a million of ’em, dailysaltwater.com included, and I’ve worked and contributed for a bunch over the years, but the whole purpose of this post is really to acknowledge and remember Capt. Charlie Nappi, and the influence he had on fluke fishing and recreational fishing on Long Island back in the day…

This little snippet here is taken from a noreast.com forum question from 2003, in which a guy asks a question about combo baits getting fouled up on his main line while fluke fishing. I post the question as well as my response…

for the original content / source: https://forums.noreast.com/17-inshore-tackle-techniques-lep/12963-please-help.html
note: it is assumed this content below is © of noreast.com, which is still a great site in its own right…

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“Ok I?m having a problem that maybe you guys can help me with. Lately when fluke fishing I can?t help but getting my fluke squid combo all fouled up. Seems like the combo is spinning and the leader runs up the main line and catches the teaser. I don?t want to use a three way. What is going on please help me?


“Assuming that you are drifting, with a leadered hook attached to the main line with likely a dropper loop (you say you don’t use a swivel), be slow and sure about how you lower your rig to the bottom. If you just “LET IT GO!” in a race to get to the bottom as fast as possible, that is when a lot of leaders will get twisted up around the main line.

“Instead, I like to see how my bait is going to look for a second or two, and watch how it moves just a few inches below the surface.

“The bigger the bait? The more carefully you let it down, so the presentation you get on the bottom matches the one in your mind from watching it, while also reducing fouling your own line on the way down.

‘This is not my idea, by the way. The late Capt. Charlie Nappi (IGFA world record fluke 22 lbs 7 ounces) taught me this a long time ago.

“Bill Purkins”
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headed for a noon or 1 pm boat at captree today maybe get an early start, traffic building on robert moses & ocean parkway, click link inside for REAL TIME latest traffic conditions update



Bluefishing action exploded this week for the Captree boats especially on the evening trips, but the bite on even during the days & fluke trips have occasionally been enjoying the option to switch to light spinning tackle and get the best of both world, all in the calm inside waters of Great South Bay. Get in on this while it lasts… In this video you can hear the excitement in Capt. Jimmy Higgins’ voice on the 6-10 pm trip on the Island Princess on Thursday night’s trip…


they say that time fishing is not taking off your life, so we wish you a phenomenal summer season for 2019, you must be so thrilled to be finally ready for Kindergarten?

Happy 75th Birthday… Pierre (Pete) Mercier, known by so many for his days when he and his wife Bonnie ran Captree Bait and Tackle, truly a family business in the finest spirit… “Pete, they say that time fishing is not taking off your life, so we wish you a phenomenal summer season for 2019, you must be so thrilled to be finally ready for Kindergarten? Miss talking to you every week for your insightful fishing reports back in the day when I had the radio show and wrote for Nor’east… Best to you and Bonnie… I see you’re also still horsing around?”
Bill Purkins, the kids & grandkids,

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Captree, Island Princess noon trip fluking slow, switched to light tackle & jigs inside east of the lighthouse, nice pick of cocktail sized blues on a sunny day in general, came home with a hefty bag of fillets… great day…

I fished on the Captree Island Princess May 22, 2018 noon to 4:30 trip… fluking was slow so Captain Jimmy switched over to light tackle and a small crowd fished small jigs and bass assassins for a nice pick of cocktail sized blues in sunny conditions for a fun afternoon. Night trips 6 to 10 pm with the bluefish have been outstanding, again, small shiny stuff and light tackle, looks great for the Memorial Day Weekend.

SSW 10-12 partly cloudy 60-62 air no rain no toll free parking. Spearing/squid, white teasers, GULP. Tiki Joe’s open@6 new management coffee phenomenal even got the French Vanilla creamer out. Advice? BE THERE. click -> BOAT DIRECTORY

The restaurant at Captree is under new management as of late 2018 and it ain’t your typical state park concession / snack joint no more… The food is outrageous good, still reasonably priced, you can place a lunch and early dinner orders in advance on the web and have them ready for you to take on your favorite fishing boat… and… perhaps most important for fisherman? The coffee is crazy good, they even got the Franch Vanilla creamer out on the counter on ice for you… Open at 6 am… tiki joe’s


live interactive tide chart, hit f5 to refresh or drag cursor on graph

Captree stuff to know:

Cash may be outdated, but it’s still the preferred financial system for tipping the mates on a partyboat.

Tiki Joe’s has an ATM machine just on your right when you come in the front door.

Forgot your sunglasses? Hat? Need a sweatshirt? Suntan lotion? Tiki Joe’s has you covered… either that or Captree Bait and Tackle, which is at the end of the right side of the dock.

Nearly all the boats have a microwave for your use, it’s polite to ask first though. Most if not all boats have a galley with snacks, coffee is free on some, if you’re a tea drinker you might bring your own bags just to be safe. Call and ask, they don’t bite.

Half and full day boats sailing for fluke… Wind out of the South Southwest today 14mph, eh… bit of sun early, cloudy this afternoon, chance of rain in the afternoon, don’t trust the weatherman though, check every hour, it’s Friday and you don’t know what they’re smoking. There’s life out there. If a fish swims in the Great South Bay and you’re not there to catch it… well… Call ahead or message your favorite boat, only takes a minute… great day to play hooky… tip: light tackle… white teasers… 

1118 am 16 april 2019 weather snapshot south shore
as of 11:18 click link below for current up to the minute conditions
1118 am 16 april 2019 weather snapshot south shorecurrent conditions for those looking to get out today to give it a shot for the striped bass….
at 11 am…. SMALL CRAFT ADVISORYFrom 4:26am EDT, Tue Apr 16 until 6:00pm EDT, Tue Apr 16

check for LATEST UPDATE: https://weather.com/weather/today/l/1924:19:US

Captree State Park Hourly Weather

11:03 am EDT

@ put simply... this blows...

A picture being worth a thousand words, this snapshot of this morning’s weather says it all and without getting yours truly in trouble for using 7 choice words that would change the rating of this website… happy tax day, hope for calm winds and don’t forget to subscribe for free to dailysaltwater.com today, or right now for that matter.


@ put simply... this blows...

@ put simply… this blows…